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Tour the city like never before with our unique shoes, the first mobility device of its kind. Designed for walking at the speed of running, these shoes feature adaptive A.I. for a journey that’s not only comfortable but memorable. Explore more parts of the city, all at a pace that suits you perfectly.

Essential Facts

Our shoes are safe.

Our intuitive control system moves only when you do, so you can stop and go with confidence. No freewheeling.

Essential Facts

Our tours are fun.

Increase walking speed up to 240% to quickly get where you want through the areas you want to tour.

Essential Facts

Tour with capable shoes.

Built to navigate virtually any terrain, our shoes patented 8-wheel drivetrain provides stability and performance so you can explore more areas in less time.

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5th Street Square
Calgary, Canada

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Mon:Fully Booked
Tue: 10am - 1pm
Wed: Fully Booked
Thur: 10am - 5pm
Fri: noon - 3pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sun: Fully Booked

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Discover freedom in every step

Our exclusive tours, you’re free to go anywhere your feet take you. All you have to do is take next step.